Collection of Japanese woodblock prints • Meji 10 – 20 (1878 – 1887)

We are delighted to present an album containing 18 superb series of original Japanese woodblock prints, including a hexaptych, 15 triptychs and 2 diptychs, for a total of 55 prints.
Produced between 1878 and 1887, these works testify to the transformations that the art of ukiyo-e underwent in the “modernized” Japan of the Meiji Restoration.
Discover the rare and sought-after prints of Ogata GEKKO – 尾形月耕, Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI – 月岡 芳年, Toyohara KUNICHIKA – 豊原 国周, Utagawa KUNISADA III – 歌川国貞, Sekisai KUNIYASU – 石斎国保, and Hashimoto CHIKANOBU – 橋本 周延.

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